Coconut is currently touted as one of the super foods in the world. Especially coconut oil, coconut oil is becoming harder and harder to acquire in the western world.  Why? You might think. EVERYBODY is buying it. The hype coconut oil gets is insane. Coconut oil is advocated to be the healthiest oil to consume of cook with. As it doesn’t change of chemical structure during heating. Coconut oil carries little to no flavor so it will not affect food taste much, if at all. Another thing that has starter the coconut craze is hair. Females well men too I guess. Use coconut oil as a hair conditioner, it is touted as an excellent combatant of frizzy hair while leaving a nice hint of coconut aroma. Skincare is not unaffected either as it is slowly beating jojoba oil as an moisturizer, that mimics the skins natural oils.

So how can you get your hands on cheap high quality coconut oil? Juicing of course. Coconut oil & coconut butter are becoming extremely expensive. The raw version basically being a black hole designed to eat cash. They will go for about 1 dollar per OZ. However when you make coconut butter or oil fresh with your juicer, it is very affordable. A coconut will range from ½ -1 dollar. One coconut will yield about 6-7 oz. of coconut cream.

To make coconut oil cream or butter, you have to use brown coconuts as these have a higher oil content than the white ones do.

I you use fresh coconut, with a juicing screen in your juicer, you will end up with coconut cream. The oil and water will end up getting extracted from the coconut meat. Making coconut milk is simple just add water to the coconut cream, then stir it. By whisking it or with a blender.

Instead of fresh coconut, you can also use dehydrated coconut. Using this with the blank screen or homogenizing attachment of your juicer, the coconut will turn into a butter. Make sure to take it slow so you don’t end up jamming up your machine. After all of the coconut has come through. Repeat this process, till you are happy with the consistency of the coconut butter. I usually like it at around 4-5 times. This butter is absolutely amazing, nut butters are one of the best things about juicers. Way better taste and health wise. Whilst also being way cheaper. The butter for example is 6 times as cheap when made at home. Depending on your area of residence this might run up to 10 times as cheap.

In order to make coconut oil use dehydrated coconut with the juicing screen/juicing attachment. You will end up with coconut oil with a bit of thick cream from the juicing outlet. The pulp outlet will end up with coconut fiber that can be used to make crackers. I recommend the coconut oil for body care & hair care. The butter is what I recommend for every day consumption.

Juicing vegetables, when it comes to vegetables about anything goes. However I recommend to add about 70% of high water content vegetables, like cucumbers, bell pepper, tomatoes, zucchini, beets & celery. The other 30% should be nutrient dense vegetables, the most nutrient dense foods are leafy greens. Make sure to juice loads of them as these will pack a lot of nutrients in very little amount of juice. So you will have all the health benefits without much of the taste. When operating a juicer always make sure to rotate your produce. Don’t feed in all your apples then follow up with some kale and after the kale adding some beets. By adding a small slice of apple, then following with one or two leaves of kale, then following with a small amount of beets, then repeats this until you are out of produce is the best way. This way the juice mixes up nicely. Plus this way you will be less likely to clog up the machine as you are using the harder vegetables to press down the leafy greens. So a big tip is rotating soft and hard veggies to keep you juicer from clogging.

Juicing fruits, I my opinion a juicer is not the best way to process fruits. A blender is what I prefer to process fruits. Juicers are made to process things with hard fiber. If you can squeeze out the juice from it with your hand. It is meant to be blended in my opinion.  When you eat fruits whole or blended you get loads of nutrients that are trapped in the pulp when juicing. With vegetables or hard fruits that have hard cell walls or body can’t break down it is better to juice, in this way you will get the nutrition that is trapped in the cell walls, that will be squeezed out by a juicer. Next of fruits can be expensive and a lot of it will be wasted since they can be consumed whole. If you want to process fruits I recommend the homogenizing attachment that comes with various juicer. This will more or less blend your fruit making a sort of puree. Personally I use this attachment with frozen fruits to make an amazing fruit sorbet. This is way tastier & healthier than ice cream. The best juicers to juice fruits are the vertical auger style juicers. Fruits should be added to your juice to add some sweetness and cover up the taste of leafy greens, this way you will not overload on sugars cause that is basically what fruits are. I recommend apples, pears, lemons & oranges.

 To see what benefits comes with juicing check out the documentary fat sick and nearly dead for free at the following link(US-residents only) :

One of the questions I commonly get is what juicer is the best to buy. There are many different juicer. The best juicer to buy is the one that fits you criteria the best. If you want to buy a juicer that is fast. You will want to buy a centrifugal type juicer, that have a wide feed chute and run at a high rpm. These however aren’t very good at juicing leafy greens. Another criteria might be the sound that the juicer makes. The higher the rpm the more sound the juicer makes, a centrifugal type juicers run at high rpms plus make extreme amount of noise. You could say the sound like an airplane that takes off in your house. Masticating juicers also called slow or single auger juicers however tend to be more quiet, they run at lower speed. Generally lower than 100 rpm. This low speed ensures there is very little to no heat exposed to the juice the amount of air that is exposed to the juice is exponentially less than the amount of air that is exposed to the juice with a centrifugal type juicer. When air is exposed to the juice it will oxidize this will lower the nutritional value. The higher the speed of the juicer the lower the quality of the juice. When juice oxidizes it will turn brownish. When you make fresh juice you will want consume it as fast as possible to prevent it from oxidizing. Masticating type juicers have high yield when juicing anything, they absolutely obliterate the amount of yield centrifugal type juicers get when juicing leafy greens. They get maybe 100% more juice even when the juicers are in the same price range. When it comes to hard vegetables or fruits the masticating juicers still end up winning the gap however is significantly smaller.  When it comes to cleaning neither are a clear winner. It totally depends of the model of juicer how long it takes to clean. Generally however cleaning doesn’t take very long if you clean it directly after juicing. Since the juicing residues will still be wet. Making them easy to clean with some water plus the included brushes. If you let it sit however all the residue will harden making it very hard to clean out, especially the juice screen that separates the juice from the pulp will be a nightmare to clean. As these are more or less a tiny sieve. Mostly when I clean my juicer is will take a maximum of 5 minutes something that is hardly worth mentioning in my opinion.

In my opinion the best way to remove that unhealthy eating diet is by changing it with a "fun" diet. Since they first few months of your health life-style will be incredibly hard it is crucial that you are able to refrain from cheating. In time your new diet will be a habit, when you reach this time period you won't even be interested in junk food or cheat meals anymore. 

I personally addressed this challenge with a juicing diet. To be specific the gerson therapy originally developed to combat cancer. This diet will improve your health like no other. The diet consist of mostly fruits and vegetable meals, plus loads of daily juicing. One can juice as much as thirteen times a day. Now obviously in order to make thirteen glasses worth of juice, you will need to buy a high quality juicer. If you are mostly interested in the health benefits of juicing and don't mind the juicing taking a bit longer. A masticating juicer is what you will want to buy. These low speed juicers keep the juice from oxidizing, another benefit of these juicers is the have the best yield. So? Centrifugal vs. Masticating. Masticating wins hands down. Now we got another choice horizontal or vertical masticating juicer. Horizontal will have more pulp, plus a bit more yield. Some models offer a bit more multi-functionality. While vertical juicers a virtually pulp free. They are also a bit faster. I would recommend you to buy a juicer that has a good warranty, some companies offer up to 10 years of warranty. So you can definitely be reassured of the juicers quality. Juicer you will want to look in too are : super angel 5500, omega 8006 , omega vrt, tribest slowstar juicer. These are affordable yet absolute quality products. I personally own the Tribest slowstar.

Another thing of importance when juicing is of course your produce. I recommend you to grow your own produce, to ensure the best quality you can possibly get. This way you know there won't be any pesticides on your produce, that could end up in your juice. The second best option is talking to a local farmer. To see if he has any produce that they don't use. Over here in our country if produce falls of the tree of plant farmers will throw them away. This is absolutely ridiculous as this produce is of the very same quality. A lot of times they simple get to big for their branches to carry them and end up on the ground. The farmers will pick these up the very same day, put them apart in boxes that will disposed of. So maybe you can make a deal with a local farmer to get produce that has fallen of their trees/plants for free. I can get free organic carrots, apples, pears and tomatoes this way. You are absolutely crazy not to ask around for this. This way it is possible to safe hundreds of dollars a year when juicing.

The most important of any diet is to determine your goal/goals. Everyone has a different goal:

  • You can diet for health reasons
  • To lose a couple of pounds
  • To go from being obese to being slim and athletic
  • To change your looks

But there will be one thing that stays the same no matter what & this is you, yourself. The first thing you have to realize when you pick a new diet. Is that you are not going for a specific goal or having a journey. You are changing a habit. This will be the key factor in not only reaching you goals but also maintaining your goal.

There is no point in losing 15 pounds and to gain it back in matter of weeks. The best way to adopt a new habit it to remove anything associated with your old one. This means removing all your favorite snacks, foods en desserts. Trust me it is nearly impossible to stay on track if you have cheat-meals. Since you will simply rewarding yourself with junk-food and not with whatever you want to achieve with your diet.

It might or will be hard to adjust a habit, simply look at amount of people that can't drop their smoking habit. The same thing applies to eating. If you want to quit smoking the best way going about it isn't to keep Tabaco lieng around & to reward yourself with a single cigarette every week. Cold turkey will always be the best options, this same concept also applies to diet. Just think about it this way instead of rewarding yourself with a cheat-meal you will reward yourself with the body you desire.


    I am 21 year old biochem student, who has beaten bad health through diet. I hope i can help you accomplish the same.


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